Multiple District Awards


Awards are firstly judged per District and the results are announced at each District Convention.  Each winning entry from the Districts is then forwarded to the Council of  Governors to select our Multiple District winners.


District closing date will be 30th September in each year in respect of the immediately preceding Lions fiscal year.

Entries must be supplied to the MD Office by 28th February of each year.


Entries for all awards must be submitted on the award application form 

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Kindness Matters Service Award

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Club Excellence Award

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Top Service Club Award  

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Ron Usmar Community Service Award

Encourages full club member participation in a community service project.

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Pat Ryan Youth Award

Awarded to the best Youth oriented service project in New Zealand.

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Ron Rowe Public Relations and Communication Award

Recognising excellence, innovation and effectiveness in communications and Public Relations using a range of mediums.

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Keith Mitchell Membership Growth, Extension & Retention Award

Awarded to the Club with the greatest growth in membership.

Please complete entry form and forward to your Cabinet Secretary for consideration by your District Governor.

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Top Service Club Awards MD202  2022-23

Supreme Winner Top club Service Project Award -

Silverstream Lions Club for cleanup of weeds and beautifying the Silverstream Railway Station and surrounded with plantings and murals.

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Kindness Matters Award 2022-23

Winner of the Kindness Matters Award was Cromwell Lions Club


MD Award Results

MD Award Winners by Year

Kindness Matters

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