Conventions are the Annual General Meeting of the District or our Multiple District. We have them so that the District Governor can report to all Lions Members on the results of the year and changes can be proposed and examined. It also gives all Lions Members through their clubs a chance to put remits to the Annual General Meeting on issues they consider relevant.


Any Lions Member in good standing may attend and vote if they are a delegate of their club. Other Lions Members may attend the Annual General Meeting and even if they do not have a vote they have speaking rights at the meeting.

60th Annual Convention, MD202
23rd-25th April 2021

Forum North, Whangarei


"The Roaring 20's"

Dear Fellow Lions of MD202
Please join us in "The Roaring 20's" celebrations of Hikurangi Mountain Lions who are hosting the 2020 Convention in sunny Northland, Whangarei.

Any queries please email: MD202.convention2020(at)


What we will do for you:

  • Provide awesome outings for your partners that is uniquely Northland
  • Put on a Roaring 20's night with an awesome local band, great food, drinks and prizes
  • Fun & Northland Hospitality guaranteed


Accommodation Options:
Quest Whangarei (09) 972-7854
Discovery Hotel Settlers (09) 438-2699
Distinction Hotel (09) 430-4080 (HQ Hotel)

Avenue Heights Motel (09) 438-2737

Cheviot Park Motor Lodge 0508-243-846
Pembroke Motor Lodge (09) 437- 6426
Bella Vista (09) 438-6990
BK's Pohutukawa Lodge (09) 430-8634


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Upcoming Convention Dates:



Montreal, CANADA 25-29 June 2021


International Convention Website



Whangarei,  23-25 April 2021




Upcoming International Convention Dates

The Flag Ceremony

This recognises the roots of Lionism and the historical associations built up since the beginning in 1917. It allows us to acknowledge the Lions from Countries other than our own who have a common goal with us as Lions.

The Saturday Night Function

Lions believe that they cannot get so bogged down with work that they miss the social aspect of Lionism. People who play together stay together.

The Rededication Service

This time allows us to honour those Lions who have passed away since the last convention and remember their very valuable contribution. Most of us have very special memories of the person or persons and to take a moment to recognise them for what they have meant to us as individuals or as club members is a very special and moving time.

It also serves the purpose of rethinking why we are Lions and in what direction we would like to see the District progress in the coming year.

Kindness Matters

We are 10,000 men and women serving in clubs across New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa and Fiji.

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