District 202M

Lower North Island East Coast

Lions District 202M welcomes you to our district webpage 


The Lion Clubs of our district (the Mighty M) stretch from the East Cape down the East Coast to Wellington, then head north as far as Levin along the Kapiti Coast. We have always been strong Lion Club supporters in this District with Masterton Host Waipoua being the third Lions Club to be formed  in New Zealand (Nov 1957) and many Clubs now celebrating their 50th or more anniversary.


Over the years, we have had a positive impact on all of our communities completing a wide range of service projects. That remains our core driver but we are reviewing the services we deliver in our local community now to ensure that they are still relevant and needed. This will help make our work of even more interest to residents who perhaps had never considered Lions before.


We need more help to meet the increasing calls for help from our communities.


Our Clubs have been fairly traditional with meetings and working bees – this is transforming with increasing use of technology and social media that allow for our New Zealand society now working 24 hrs per day x 7 days per week all year.


Lions Club members do NOT have to attend all meetings, the focus is on ‘being there’ to assist our project and service work. This ranges from energetic tasks such as firewood for welfare cases in our communities, through to selling raffle tickets so everyone will find a role in their local Lions Club they can complete within their skill comfort zone and the time they have available.


Our Clubs are a cosmopolitan mix of ages, gender and interests with many Clubs willing to start new groups with a specific interest as a Club Branch. This allows the ‘new Lions’ to have a specific interest or project in mind while still receiving the experienced advice from local Lions and the liability protection of the excellent Lions Clubs International indemnity scheme.


Contact us if you have any questions or would like to see more of what we do.


Send us an email to: membership.202M(at)lionsclubsnz.org.nz 

District Governor - Marianna Domper-Schrijvers

Marianna Domper-Schrijvers

I am Marianna Domper-Schrijvers, District Governor of the Mighty District 202M.

My theme for this year is “Fostering Community Values” or caring for, serving our communities. Important elements are fellowship, partnership with service organisations and other Lions Clubs, and new services.

By listening and talking with other persons we can focus on services which are important within our community.

The District runs form Gisborne in the East down to Wellington in the South and up to Levin in the East.

As you can see from the demographic area of the District, the communities can be quite different; from a large city with many suburbs to smaller cities, towns and villages.

So it is important to listen to our community and make our services valuable to them. We all live not only in our local communities but are also part of the wider community as the District, Nation and Worldwide.

District Governor

Phone: +64 6 374 7651
Mobile: +64 27 248 2913
Email: rangiuru.farm(at)xtra.co.nz

16 Chamberlain Street

Dannevirke 4930

Cabinet Secretary

Graham Atkinson

Phone: +64 4 386 3115

Email: 202m.secretary(at)lionsclubs.org.nz

Cabinet Treasurer

Glenys Hansen

Phone: +64 6 378 9967

Email: 202m.treasurer(at)lionsclubs.org.nz

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