Lions Clubs Cancer Trust Board

This Trust was established in January 2022 to fund and run a mobile skin cancer screening service.  
Trustees of the Trust are members of the seven districts of Multiple District 202 Lions Clubs of New Zealand as shown below.

This mobile screening services will target those who might otherwise avoid seeking a screening service because of its cost. Its goal is to promote the prevention of skin cancer and to support early detection of skin cancers. The service has both a screening and an educational element.
The screening service centers around a full body screening for skin cancer by trained health professionals offered in a customised mobile vehicle.

Lions Clubs around New Zealand are currently raising funds to get the first Mobile Vehicle on the Road.  

Fundraising at Give a little

Funds are also being raised through the Row for Life Aotearoa project, see here



Officer Name                              Position

Ken Whitcombe                   Trustee

Richard Sissons                    Trustee

Paul Brendan O'Connor      Trustee

Wendy Joy Goodwin           Trustee

Charles Arthur Harrison      Trustee

David Anthony Skjellerup   Trustee

Ian Charles Cameron         Trustee

Megan Frances England    Trustee

lan Lennie                              Treasurer


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