Lions Christmas Cakes

Lions Christmas cakes – A perfect festive tradition

Back in 1971, New Zealand Lions Christmas Cake was born.  Now, more than half a century later, our Cake has become an annual nation-wide favourite. Moist, fruity, delicious. Enjoy it now, at Christmas, next year or the next.

Our cake has a shelf life of no less than two years. Did we say it tastes delicious? Of course!

Lions Christmas Cakes are available only from this website OR Lions Clubs and Lions Clubs’ members all over New Zealand.

  • A Quality Cake
  • Rich and fruity
  • Full of flavour – not crumbly
  • Moist 1kg cake – 15 x 15 x 5 cms - plenty to share with family & friends
  • Minimum 2-year shelf life
  • Great Value! – Premium quality for a competitive price
  • Delivered freight free to your door
“We have developed a quality product that has been tested by time, specified in the Lions name with all proceeds going to charity. Each individual Lions Club decides what charity they are going to support from the proceeds”

— Project founder Mike Brooke


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Businesses around NZ are supporting Lions Clubs by buying our Christmas Cakes

Businesses from around the country support their local Lions Clubs. They make great gifts for customers, clients and staff. We thank those businessess and encourage your company to support us. Cakes cost just $25 each and come in cartons of six.  

Not only were we able to support a local fund raising campaign, but a yummy Christmas Cake made from quality ingredients is a welcome gift for visiting clients.”
— Jason Driscole - Morrison + Creed, Palmerston North

Order Your Cakes Online

Thanks for supporting Lions Clubs Christmas Cakes

We are community volunteers who roll up our sleeves to help young people, the elderly, the ailing, the needy and our environment.  In terms of our time on projects and money raised, it is estimated that Lions Clubs contribute more than $100 million each year for charitable organisations here and in the Pacific Islands.

We are proud that every dollar raised from the public goes to a Lions Clubs charitable cause. We do not take a percentage of the money for our own purposes.  All monies raised are used exclusively for charitable purposes.

People who live in the community know their communities needs best:   because each Lions Club is autonomous, (although part of the wider Lions family) decisions about community projects are made at a grass roots level.  Lions’ projects tend to be very hands on and we actively work alongside organisations that we support.

Kindness Matters

We are 8000 men and women serving in clubs across New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa and Fiji.  Use the button below to find your local club and send them a message directly.

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