Lions back on the water

By designerwebsites - Thursday 29th June 2023

After false starts due to Covid and health issues of one of the organisers, the marathon coastal event Rowing for Life Aotearoa NZ is back on – and Kiwi Lions will be front and centre.

Starting from Stewart Island in the south in December this year and finishing at Cape Reinga in the north in July next year, the event includes Lions as a key sponsor with funds raised going to The Lions Cancer Trust as well as Child Cancer Foundation, SurfLife Saving and Starship.

In late July the Lions logo was proudly unveiled on the event’s rowing hardware, before a shakedown row in preparation for the big event.


Making our presence felt in Boston

There was much patriotic celebrating and handing out of New Zealand flags when a contingent of local Lions attended the Lions Clubs International Convention in Boston, Massachusetts in July. For our 2023-24 District Governors it brought the opportunity of a formal induction ceremony.



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