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Youth Hosting

A novice in Youth Hosting Land!

Being a single person Joy Tutty was always hesitant about hosting students, but when she ended up as part of the Lions District 202M youth Committee she had to re-think her position.

Having recently retired from her position as district librarian of the Masterton Library, she decided to give youth hosting a go.

She was assigned two boys, both with a Malaysian background.  Idris and Tham were a delight to have in the house and also got on well with each other. Fortunately both spoke good English and had a great sense of humour.

“Tham had some good cooking abilities and arrived with all the ingredients to make a Malaysian curry,” Joy said. “This was a little too hot for my liking but went down very well with my cousin who adores hot curries. Tham was invited to make one for our family Christmas Dinner, which he did, and it was greatly enjoyed by several members of our extended family.

“We did the usual tourist things but it was the outdoors attractions that appealed most to both boys – our gentle wander around the Mt Holdsworth area whetted their appetites to venture further up the mountain.  At this stage I ran for assistance and called on Lion Gary Pickering to help with getting them further up the mountain than my fitness levels would allow me to go. 

“Fortunately Gary was happy to oblige and took the two boys out for a day. During the course of the day they obviously discussed some of Gary’s activities including hunting, with the result that Idris came home keen to give it a go. A quick email to his father gained the necessary permission; however it was obvious that Tham did not like the idea of sport killing. Even though Gary made it clear that only one animal would be killed, this was something that was really against his religion, so I suggested that we go to Ngawi and shoot seals with a camera, a suggestion that occupied a full afternoon and produced some interesting photos for his Facebook page.

“The next morning we discovered that the hunt had been successful with some nice venison being produced for dinner the following night.

“Would I do it again?  Yes I think that I would.  It was a great experience, probably helped by the fact that I got two delightful teenagers who also got on very well with each other and also having that wonderful help from Gary Pickering.”

Photo: Adelaide 18-year-old Idris Martin (left) and Tham Kuen Wei, 16, from Ipoh, Malaysia, with host Joy Tutty. Photo courtesy of Linda Feringa/Wairarapa Times Age.

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