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From the Lions Quest National Co-ordinator and Support Committee

Lions Quest  is a positive youth social development programme focusing on making healthy decisions and positive choices through lessons.  As a value based social skills programme that provides essential tools for teachers to create classrooms that empower students to develop confidence, to be connected in relationships, become actively involved in a range of life contexts and to become life long learners.

Lions Quest programmes link directly to the New Zealand Education Curriculum with a focus on principles, values and key competencies. The workshops includes strategies for successful curriculum delivery and behaviour management. At the heart of the programme is the belief that young people are resources who can make a positive difference in the world.

Alongside the 'preparation purpose' the workshop is also professional development in that the process of the workshop provides an opportunity for you to reflect on the many aspects of your role in working with young people.

Lions Clubs International own the Lions Quest programmes, and the Lions of New Zealand have financially supported many teachers to train and implement the Lions Quest programmes into the Key Competency areas of the New Zealand teaching curriculum.

Lions Club members are an important and active part of each community, and appreciate being involved with local schools.

We have available two Lions Quest videos/DVDs, both showing the philosophy behind our Life Skills programmes. Narration is partly by a teacher at Maeora Intermediate in Hamilton, mentioning how you can fit the programmes into the school curriculu, and also the programme being used in a classroom situation. These can be borrowed from the Lions Quest National Co-ordinator or through your local District Lions Quest Chairman.

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