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Support for Programmes

Addington School

On behalf of the staff, I would like to sincerely thank the Christchurch Lions Clubs for making it possible to our whole school staff to train in the Lions Quest Skills for Living programme.

Your financial contribution meant that we could train 10 teachers in total, which has set us up really well for the beginning of the new school year.

The link between the Skills for Growing and Skills for Adolescence programmes and the new Educational draft curriculum is very strong.

The Board of Trustees is setting a strategic goal which will help promote an on-going focus on developing effective teacher-student learning relationships.

The trainer kept us motivated for both days and I think you (the local chairman) are a wonderful advocate for the programme.

This is seen in the effort and energy you put into contacting schools and in your regular presence throughout the training days.

Trudy Heath


January 2007

Awapuni School – Gisborne

On behalf of Awapuni School I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lions Clubs and Napier Academy Trust for their generous sponsorship that was made available.  Awapuni School has been committed to the “Skills for Growing” programme for several years and has incorporated it successfully into teaching and learning programmes.  It is such sponsorship that allows this form of professional development to be a reality for Awapuni School.

Teachers have provided feedback tht the two day workshop was well worth attending.  Teachers new to the “Skills for Growing” programme together with those who re-trained all felt it was beneficial.  The core values that underpin the “Skills for Growing” programme enhance, and add to, the philosophies and beliefs that form Awapuni School as a community.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lions Quest Skills facilitator, Ian Thurlow and Roy Gardiner from Napier Academy Trust who assistance directly contributed to the success of the professional development.

Awapuni School looks  forward to continuing to utilize the “Skills for Growing” resources in the years to come. 

Kaye Griffin

Acting Principal

August 2005


Fergusson Intermediate School

Our school in Wellington fully supports the Skills for Adolescence programme.  It forms the basis of our health and social skills component of our school curriculum.

The programme is vital to the delivery of the curriculum, it provides cooperative and coping strategies for young adolescence students moving through the turbulent growth phase of 10 – 13 year olds.

We use the programme as a basis for all our school life – it underpins our integrated curriculum approach and we start the year with the programme and access appropriate modules throughtout the year – in a mixture of planned units and as the need arises when facing challenging situations.

Teachers find the resources easy to use, they love the modules, the way modules can be pulled out, the easy to use folder, how it’s age appropriate, the way it goes more in-depth than programmes such as “Reaching Out’ and how it is updated regularly.

The training is beneficial for new staff team building and teachers find the training relevant and practical with an easy mix of information and practical ways of implementing the programme.  The facilitators are skilled and motivating and take a personal interest in the school and its developmental needs.

Our students develop skills so that they can cope wit everyday life and work harmoniously together in our safe school environment that the programme helps to foster.

We believe by using the programme, our school is a safe and caring environment where students learn skills and strategies through the programme modules to make them acceptable community members.

These socially competent students have been created by the social skills, problem solving, sense of well-being and optimism that underpins this programme.   Our recent ERO review comments on the ‘settled tone’ of our school.

Fergusson Intermediate believes that the Skills for Adolescence programme is the most comprehensive programme available on today’s market that fosters socially competent and responsible people.

Margaret Urlich


May 2003

North Street School Feilding

For a number of years our school has been a “Skills for Growing/Adolescence” school.  Our staff are trained to deliver the programme and it is built into our health and social skills planning.

Skills for Growing/Adolescence incorporates a variety of skills and concepts which are vital to the development of healthy self concepts and attitudes in our young people.

Teachers have a responsibility to guide the social development of the children in their care as well as their academic growth.  Skills for Growing/Adolescence has proven to be a very effective resource in this area.

As a result of interacting with Skills for Growing/Adolescence, I believe our students are more self aware and show greater understanding of themselves as individuals and members of groups.

Skills for Growing/Adolscence reinforces our school’s emphasis on Right Choices and it supports students as they learn and practice positive decision making.

Carol Haughey


May 2003

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