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Skills For Living

Lions Quest Life Skills Programme:  Because all you people need skills for lift, skills for growing, and skills for adolescence.


Lions Quest began as a partnership between Lions Clubs International and Quest International in 1982, and is now completely owned by the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).   The Lions of New Zealand have been involved, through very generous sponsorship, since 1987.    Lions Quest teaches life skills to young people, through their classroom teachers and other significant adults in their lives.

Growing up today can be difficult.   The pressures of a rapidly changing society are taking their toll on schools, families and other institutions that should be helping to ensure the healthy development and growth of our young people.    Both Skills for Growing and Skills for Adolescenceaim to meet the needs of children and young people, from age 5 through to 14 years.   

The programmes are taught by the classroom teachers and are supported by comprehensive teaching manuals and written resource materials as well as a web-site, in conjunction with an intensive, hands-on training programme that all teachers must complete before using the materials.    They are also offered ongoing support after training.

The programmes help teachers to –

  • create and maintain a safe learning environment within the school
  • deal with classroom management issues 
  • build the skills of working co-operatively
  • help young people discover they don’t need drugs or alcohol to live life to the full
  • link with parents/caregivers in supporting their children.

Our mission statement –

            “To create a world that cares more deeply about its young people”

Skills for Growing  (for Years 1 – 6)) and Skills for Adolescence  (for Years 7 - 9) are designed to teach children and young people to –

  • get along with others  
  • develop a sense of personal responsibility and good judgement   
  • communicate better with peers, families and others around them   
  • solve problems   
  • care about and help others, through service projects   
  • make healthy decisions – saying “Yes” to positive, healthy living, and “NO!” to  harmful influences 

Both these programmes fit very easily into the New Zealand classroom curriculum.   They provide a relevant and easily used option to achieve the “How to?” of the curriculum requirements.    The Lions Quest programmes are not an “add on” to be fitted into an already busy classroom timetable, as both programmes meet nearly all Achievement Objectives of the Health & Physical Education curriculum, and integrate easily into the Social Studies curriculum in particular, and also many other areas, such as Language, Maths, Art and Music.   They provide a specific teaching and learning resource for most of the Key Competencies while promoting all the attitudes and values which are seen as underpinning New Zealand society.

The difference?   The Lions Quest Life Skills programmes are different, and they work well, because the primary focus is to train the teachers and caregivers of young people – the people most closely involved with them, over the whole year, rather than an outside educator who visits for a day or two a year.    The principles and techniques learnt by these key people in the lives of our young people are used not only in the classroom curriculum, but in many other classroom, playground, staff room, family and community situations.     They are different because family and whanau are also involved – through take-home materials, activities, and seminars for parents and caregivers, which reflect work that is happening in class.  

Make a difference in the lives of the young people you know  – become involved with the Lions Quest Life Skills programmes at your local school.

Enquiries to New Zealand Lions Quest contact – 

Lions Past District Governor Marion McWha

Ph 03 386 1581    or   021 668 550

Email -   PDG Marion McWha     or


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