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Support the ongoing development and maintenance of your classroom climate by continuing to use energizers regularly.

Do your students have a role in determining when the time is right for an energizer?

Do your students have a role in the facilitation of those energizers that your class knows and enjoys?

They can:help everyone in a group to get to know one another, spark a discussion, change the pace of your lesson or activity, bring closure to a group activity.

Everyone can play (including you as the teacher, facilitator, or leader)

Rules are simple:
Emphasis on spontaneity, community-building and FUN.

When playing an energizer, cooperation and respect for others are the guidelines .Everyone is important and valued. While some activities may have an "edge" of competition, the real interest is focused on the fun of playing together. 

Start with low risk activities START NOW HAVE FUN

Life with the Wright Family

Directions: Every participant needs to have a felt pen or marker, (or some object that will not injure anyone when passed). As the story is read, when they hear the word right/Wright, they pass the object to the right. When they hear the word left, they pass the object to their left. The object is to start and end with only one object.

One day the Wright family decided to take a holiday. The first thing they had to decide was who would be left at home since there was not enough room in the Wright family car for all of them. Mr. Wright decided that Aunt Linda Wright would be the one left at home. Of course, this made Aunt Linda Wright so mad that she left the house immediately yelling, "It will be a right cold day before I return."The Wright family now bundled up the children, Tommy Wright, Susan Wright, Timmy Wright and Shelly Wright and got in the car and left. Unfortunately, as they turned out of the driveway someone had left rubbish can in the street so they had to turn right around and stop the car. They told Tommy Wright to get out of the car and move the rubbish can so they could get going. Tommy Wright took so long that they almost left him in the street. Once the Wright family got on the road, Mother Wright wondered if she had left the stove on. Father Wright told her not to worry he had checked the stove and she had not left it on. As they turned right at the corner, everyone started to think about other things that they might have left undone.No need to worry now, they were off for a fun filled and relaxing holiday. When they arrive at the service station, Father Wright put petrol in the car and then discovered that he had left his wallet at home. So Timmy Wright ran home to get the money that was left behind. After Timmy had left, Susan Wright started to feel sick. She left the car saying that she had to throw up. This of course got Mother Wright's attention and she left the car in a hurry. Shelly Wright wanted to watch Susan get sick, so she left the car too. Father Wright was left with Tommy Wright who was playing a game in the backseat.

With all of this going on, Father Wright decided that this was not the right time to go on holiday, so he gathered up all of the family and left the service station as quickly as he could. When he arrived home, he turned left into the driveway and said, "I wish the Wright family had never left the house today!"

I Like People

In a circle, one chair less than the number of people.
One person in the center as "It"."It" says, "I like people who…… smiling" People who like smiling are to change seats.
They must not return to their own seat or the seat one either side of it.
"It" finds a seat.
A new "It" in the center continues.

(Possible ground rules to consider: "play without running or pushing")

( May be found in the Energize Book on P. 21 , called " Who Do You Like?")

Clap, Click, and Pop

Children can be in a circle, or in their seats.
Explain as a way for the group to find out more about each other, you'll call out some categories and actions.
All those who fit the category stand up where they are, complete the action , and then sit down.
Show what to do by giving an example, such as " Everybody who has a pet to care for, stand up and clap your hands once".Keep the pace moving and everyone involved as you call out a variety of categories and movements.Here are some ideas to adapt to your age group.
Children can suggest further categories and actions.Stand up if you:Like sunny days. Click your fingers
Like to wear hats. Blink your eyes
Have read a book in the last week. Clap your hands twice
Make your own bed every morning. Touch you toes
Like to swim. Wave both arms in the air
Play a musical instrument. Show how you play
Like bananas. Show how you peel it
Exercise regularly. Run on the spot

The Engergize book can be purchased from the National Co-ordinator at a cost of $32.95, plus p & p 

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