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Can tabs and bottle tops help Kidney Kids

The Kidney Kids Foundation runs the fundraiser Kan Tabs, which encourages individuals and groups to collect and ring top tabs off soft drink, tuna and even cat food cans. The tabs are sold to a recycler and the funds raised are passed on to the Kidney Kids Support Group.

Founded in 1990, Kidney Kids is a not-for-profit parent driven organisation that assists parents of children who have kidney disorders. Kidney Kids provides regular newsletters, information and resources regarding kidney disorders, and organises annual camps for children who may not be able to attend ordinary school camps because of their medical needs.

Most importantly Kidney Kids offers support for families through regular meetings, social activities and education evenings where parents can meet with a specialist to talk about their child's condition. At the moment there are about 1250 children who require dialysis treatment or additional support from Kidney Kids.

Lions Clubs throughout the country regularly collect can tabs, as well as the screw tops off wine bottles, which also contain aluminium and can be recycled in the same way.

For more information, please contact your local Lions Club

Photo: Lion Pam Hawkins with collection cans for can tabs and wine bottle tops.


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