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‘Lemon’ leads to fruitful project
By Lois McEwan

The Lions Club of Hillcrest became aware of a Glenfield solo mum, Elizabeth, with five children aged 18, 10, 7, 4 and 17months, who was having difficulty transporting her children to their various activities due to her vehicle, which was sold to her in November, being in a non-working state by March.

The cost of the repairs was well beyond her budget so the only option she had was to sell the vehicle at a substantial loss. Originally costing $2000 (gifted to her by her mother in Scotland), Elizabeth only managed to get $800 when she re-sold it. Elizabeth was determined to purchase another car so each week saved what little she could to add to the $800 - but it was going to take a while to get there which meant in the meantime the children would have to give up their various activities. 

A request was made to Hillcrest Lions to see if they could assist with transport for the children to one of their activities. Fortunately three Lions were free to help out on that day of the week. Elizabeth couldn’t believe the kindness and the help being given. She offered money for petrol, which was not accepted. It was explained that the Lions’ motto is “We Serve”. But that wasn’t good enough for this extremely grateful mum, so each week baked goodies were given to the driver.

A strong rapport was established with the Lions and this beautiful family. The Club considered giving some assistance to the family’s car fund and then decided to go the full hog and buy them a car. The Lions Club of Glenfield was approached to see if they would be willing to come on board. They were very happy to assist with this worthy project. With Glenfield’s input of funding we now had a total of $6000. Fortunately one of Glenfield’s members had had many dealings over the years with North Shore Toyota. He put our cause to them and as luck would have it, a Previa had just been traded in the day before so this was offered to us. Into the paint shop for a spruce up, brake shoes replaced, new back tyres, a small tear in the upholstery fixed and the seven-seater vehicle looked just like new.

Elizabeth couldn’t believe that something so wonderful could happen to her and her family. She phoned her mother in Scotland to tell her the good news - it was the middle of the night over there but she just couldn’t wait until morning. As she has relatives throughout Scotland she says the whole of Scotland soon knew that the Lions were giving her family a car.

The presentation took place at North Shore Toyota to a very happy and extremely grateful family. The children had made lovely “thank you” posters and Elizabeth handed out thank you cards. 

Who could believe that a shop at the supermarket could be so exciting, but it was for this mum who was now able to load a week’s  groceries into the vehicle rather than just a few items into the stroller and then catch the bus home. And even just knowing that if any of the children needed to go to the doctor, it was only a matter of hopping into the car.  All those little things that mean so much!

Now whenever Elizabeth passes the bus stops she used to wait at, if she sees anyone she knows, a lift is kindly offered. 

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