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How Lions became involved

In 1998/99 grandparents of a child with cerebral palsy, who happened to be members of the Titahi Bay Lions Club, were told of the Hart Walker and took their little boy to Sydney to be fitted.  It was highly successful.

In 2000 a remit was passed at the Lions annual convention held in Wellington, which created the Lions Hart Walker national project.  In 2010 the Executive Management Committee reviewed the project and the Child Mobility Foundation was formed.

Since the beginning of the project approximately 160 walkers have been supplied at a cost of $1.6 million.

In 2009 the Lions Clubs NZ Hart Walker Project won the Lions Clubs International Heroes Award for the best international project.  A trophy was presented to co-ordinator Genny Hanning (below) at the annual international convention in Minneapolis.  A very proud moment.


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