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Lions Clubs New Zealand Child Mobility Foundation (CMF) supports children who suffer from Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida or similar disabilities.

These conditions cause limited mobility, such as being unable to balance the body, unable to sit or walk, or having difficulties moving arms and hands.  Everyday life is a challenge, even the “simple things” such as eating, brushing teeth or toileting are not possible without support.

To make life easier for these children, CMF offers them support by co-ordinating the supply and maintenance of devices, eg, the Hart Walker.  Children feel the need to be active, to take part in “normal” life.  We can give them the chance to play with their brothers and sisters and friends, to take part in sports activities and to experience hands-free walking.

Our support helps the children to increase self esteem and social belonging, the base for living a happy life.

Whilst we provide the Hart Walker at present, we wish to offer other mobility devices for children with disabilities and will be looking at what is available and at what cost.

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Mission Statement

The Lions Clubs New Zealand Child Mobility Foundation will benefit the community by making provision for young people with limited mobility while being sensitive to their mental and emotional needs.

Child Mobility Foundation is looking to philanthropic organisations and individuals to help in their work so that all children can obtain as much mobility as possible.

Child Mobility Foundation is working with the Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand Inc and encourages families to join the society. Individual membership is $10 or Family membership $15 per year. The Society offers support and programmes to families with children with Cerebral Palsy including some funding for equipment and educational needs. Contact them on or ask the CMF Co-ordinator or Trustees how they can help.

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