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Lions Clubs are for anyone wanting to make a difference in their local community as well as communities worldwide.

Most Lions Clubs meet twice a month, usually over dinner, to plan and carry out their various projects and activities. Some meet over breakfast or lunch, and some only once a month. Many meetings feature interesting guest speakers and all provide opportunities to build friendships. Clubs are always on the lookout for different entertaining programmes and activities for meetings, often involving partners and families of members.

Members have opportunities to participate to the level that work, family and other commitments allow. They have every opportunity to develop leadership and organisational abilities and grow personally and professionally by gaining an understanding and having an impact on their community and international humanitarian issues.

If they choose they can take on offices that lead through to club presidency and beyond to district and international level of involvement.

Above all, members enjoy working with other members on even the simplest of projects and get satisfaction from knowing that they are helping their community at the same time.

Members are Lions Clubs' most important assets.


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