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Young Leaders recognised for their service

Monday 30th November -0001

The Kairanga Lions Club had a delightful time at a recent club meeting, with the presentation of Young Leaders in Service certificates to nine young people. Kairanga Lions actively promote the Lions youth programmes in five local schools, focusing on Young Leaders In Service, Peace Poster, Junior Speechmaker and Duffy Books In Schools.

Newbury School teacher Caroline Transom energetically promoted the programmes in her Year 7 and 8 class. She introduced the Young Leaders in Service programme, monitored their service over 2013, oversaw and collated the tracking forms, communicated with the parents and the Lions Club and gave of her time to be part of the presentation session. Teacher support doesn’t get any better!

Nine young people met the requirements of silver and gold awards, giving service to the school in the area of sport, in playground help, and service within the classroom.

The presentation session was a great time with over 30 visitors present. Parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters all attended. Robyn Pedersen, 202D’s District Youth Chairman South, spoke about the requirements of the Young Leaders in Service programme and the personal growth that comes from being involved in youth programmes. The recipients were then called up one at a time to talk about the service they had given to the school.

As Caroline and Robyn presented the certificates, there were smiles all around - and there’s nothing better than a smile on the face of a young person.

The photo shows the nine young people who received the awards flanked by Robyn Pedersen and Kairanga Lions Club president Rob Lock.

Footnote: The Lions Young Leaders in Service Award allows Lions the opportunity to give formal recognition to young volunteers with in their community, ages 12-18, who have completed 50 or 100 hours of community service, within a 12-month period. For more information contact your local Lions Club or the Lions Youth Activities chairman.


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