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Theatre visit a hit for blind patrons

Tuesday 7th January 2014

Kapakapanui Lions have given an unusual gift to six sight-disabled Blind Foundation committee members - a trip to Circa Theatre’s Christmas pantomime, “Mother Goose.”

“Can this be of great value to blind folk?” you may well ask. This answer is a resounding YES.

Wellington’s CIRCA Theatre had been funded to provide an audio describer to facilitate the explanation and audio production for the show and some volunteers to allow a “touch-tour” prior to the pantomime production.

Audio description is a commentary for blind and vision-impaired patrons about what is happening on stage in between the dialogue. An audio describer talks into an AM microphone and transmitter to provide the commentary. This is transmitted to AM wireless receivers and headsets worn by the audience members. The audience description does not have any impact on the rest of the audience.

The special performance for 60 sight-impaired audience patrons was a generous set-up offered by CIRCA to the Sunday Matinee. Funding was provided by the generosity of local Wellington supporters.

Kapakapanui Lions were keen to make sure Kapiti people were involved in the exciting project as well so Margaret Laing (the Lions Club facilitator), and Aylwyn Patterson (Kapiti Community Committee) arranged the visit. The results were thrilling. Although some of the Kapiti guests were not completely un-sighted, even those without any sight at all thoroughly enjoyed the energy and audience atmosphere produced.

For a small club in Kapiti, this Lions club has a massively large heart. Kapakapanui Lions with their 12 club members encourage males, females, and couples to add to the efforts of helping youth and many local groups to enjoy the Kapiti community by joining Lions and expanding their lives also.



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