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Talking Books take leap forward

Friday 26th August 2011

Talking books take technological leap forward

Lions clubs from District 202K (the north of the North Island) are involved in a joint project with the Foundation of the Blind, the B-Speak Project, to assist with the changeover from tape recorder-type talking book machines to new ‘B-Speak’ digital computerised CD players, which will make it cheaper for the Foundation to produce copy and deliver talking books to their members.

David Page, president of the Warkworth Lions Club, presents a ‘B-speak’ machine to 97-year-old Rita Darby of Warkworth. Rita has been using the former tape machines for the last 7 years, listening to around 6 or 7 books each week.  Her main interest has been romances and mysteries.

Each B-Speak player costs $900, and the Warkworth Lions Club has been able to provide five such machines to their community.

District 202K as a whole has donated $27,957 to the project which equates to 31 units. The Foundation has placed an order for another 2000 B-Speak units and is looking to the Lions clubs to assist and give support where they can.

The Warkworth Lions Club will be holding their annual fundraising raffle beginning at the Kowhai Festival weekend in October. There will be two prizes this year, the first being a six-burner BBQ on a trailer along with half a lamb and half a pig; the second prize will be half a lamb and half a pig. Both prizes will include Meat Board cook books.




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