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Rogue email being sent specifically to Lions - beware of this attempt to scam you

The following email was received by a Lion in 202F, who does not wish to be identified, but the email was directed to her full name. Be aware of scams! Do not reply or click on the email address. It is very important that you simply delete and ignore this scamming attempt.


Greetings my fellow Lion xxxx yyyyyyyy
I hope this message meets you in good state of health. This very Confidential request should not come to you as a surprise. It is because of what is happening to my family that urged me to contact you. I also took our Lion code Ethics into utmost consideration before deciding to write you. Please kindly let me know if you are willing to lend a helping hand to enable me proceed further. Thanks for your time and anticipated consideration.
Yours in Lionism,
Lion Bahaa Soliman


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