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Oranges for Christchurch - more sweet treats from Mr Mints

Tuesday 3rd September 2013

All good things start on trees.

That is how it was on Saturday 31 August when a dozen members of the Bethlehem Te Puna Lions Club, Tauranga, picked six bins of delicious fruit in a couple of hours, to send to Christchurch for distribution to the folks via the local Lions clubs there.

“This reminds me of my Varsity days” said club member Martin Buchanan, “where boxes of oranges were sent to a flatmate who came from Tauranga, by his parents. We would gorge ourselves!!! But that is what made me choose to move up here in the early days of my vocation. Now I feel heartened from the experience and can do the good thing for Christchurch folk in return – still!!”

Gael Ansell (Mr Lions Mints NZ) has been doing this project of sending fruit from here to there for quite some time. Through his arrangements he found an orchard of NZ navel oranges that happened to belong to Bed Rumours Ltd - who shifted site from Rotorua to a Tauranga packing shed.  The hectare or three of oranges happened to be part of the purchase. After Gael suggested the arrangement, the owner was happy to supply the free fruit to be sent south. It is with the co-operation of two trucking firms and back loads that the fruit is delivered to Christchurch virtually free.

The club thanks the sponsors Bed Rumours Ltd, Brett Marsh Transport Ltd, and Weatherells Transport in giving us the opportunity to send the fruit. In the past, avocados, grapefruit and kiwifruit have also been distributed in a similar way.


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