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Lions donate 'Quaky Cat' storybook that helps Christchurch children cope

Thursday 5th April 2012

The social workers of the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Team are excited to have received 200 copies of the “Quaky Cat” – a book written specially for the children of Christchurch by Diana Noonan and illustrated by Gavin Bishop. The gift was made possible by the generosity of the Lions Clubs of Christchurch and around NZ.

The books were presented last month to Sue Waight, Recovery Co-ordination Manager at the Salvation Army, by Past District Governor Miles Ellery, a member of the Lions Club of Christchurch Host. Also at the presentation were two schoolchildren, who reviewed the book.

“In the book it says about the school field being ‘full of lumps’. I remember at my school the pipes underground were broken, there were cracks on the ground and there was liquefaction everywhere, in big huge lumps over the field.”

“I remember that the roar of the earthquake sounded like an engine starting.  During the earthquakes my cats ran under the bed and wouldn’t come out – they were shaking as if the ground was still shaking!” 

This is truly a book that speaks of the experiences our children have been through.

100 of the books were funded from the Lions District Earthquake Funding – money that came from other Lions Districts in New Zealand responding to a nationwide appeal through Lions. The balance came from the Lions Club of Christchurch Host using funds forwarded from Lions clubs in Australia, Italy, the UK.and France.

Lions worked in partnership with Scholastic Books, who provided the books at cost having produced them in response to the earthquake. The writer and illustrator worked for no fee to produce the book; the Children’s’ Bookshop also provided support and Scholastic Books have donated their profits to the earthquake relief funds for Christchurch as well as donating copies to schools.

“We believe the book is a relevant resource to assist children and parents cope with the aftermath of the trauma generated by the repeated events in Christchurch and Lions appreciate the real work done by the Salvation Army supporting families,” Lions spokesman Digby Prosser said. “Lions' earthquake responses across the district will exceed $1m over this year, much of it invested directly in family support and through organisations such as the Salvation Army. Currently Lions are negotiating joint initiatives with local authorities for other projects responding to needs that have emerged from the earthquake. It is likely we will be around for the duration, meeting the needs of our communities.”




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