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Legoland may be built in Dannevirke

Wednesday 8th February 2012

Dannevirke Lions Club president Alan Holmes is  investigating the possibilty of getting a Legoland built in his home town.

"I contacted the president of the Lions Club in Billund, Denmark, who put me on to Lego executive Eric Maugein and I've floated the idea of a Legoland in our Scandinavian neck of the woods," Mr Holmes said.

"After all, they've got them in Europe, the UK and the US, so why not here where we've got such strong Scandinavian connections?

While he works on his plans, Mr Holmes has been in touch with Lego's New Zealand chief executive, Hugh Campbell, to organise a Lego building competition.

"The competition will be open to everyone and, appropriately, entrants will be asked to build Lego lions and submit a photograph," he said. "Dannevirke Lions members will then select the 12 best, give them a barrow load of Lego bricks at the Town Hall and let them go for it.

"We could be on to a real winner." 

Photo: Alan Holmes had great fun with Preston Teller, 4, and Olivia Augustine, 4, at the First years Preschool when he went there to find out more about Lego bricks. PHOTO/CHRISTINE McKAY DAN012386 Courtesy of Hawkes Bay Today


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