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Heart attack - where are the defibrillators?

A Warkworth Lions Club initiative could soon be saving lives nationwide.

The District 202K club is promoting a standard defibrillator sign so that members of the public can easily and quickly identify where to find a defibrillator in times of emergency.

Immediate past president Les Buckton says the idea developed after a member of the club drew their attention to a news clip in the local paper of a man having a heart attack by the hall in Mangawhai. By the time emergency services got to him he was in a bad way.

”There was a defibrillator stored in the hall nearby, but no-one at the scene knew that,” he said. “We found that there were at least 21 defibrillators in the Warkworth and surrounding districts area, but on asking anyone if they knew where one was kept, not many people knew.”

This prompted the club to investigate a standard sign, that would be easily recognised by the public, displayed at sites where there is a defibrillator kept ready to use.

”The club obtained prices to supply a sign designed by one of our members. We had 30 signs made and Lion Lyn Jones canvassed the premises owners to allow us to erect them. With permission granted in most cases, we went to work.”

The club is promoting the signage project to all Lions Clubs nationally, so that the availability of a life-saving defibrillator can be easily recognised by the public.

”We have recently obtained LCI approval to use the Lions Logo on the signs, and now wish to invite all clubs to take part in this project by obtaining the signs from us and erecting them in your area. The signs are easy to put up, having a moulded, right-angle fixing strip 35mm wide. They do not take up much room on the building front. Just three screws, a drill and a screwdriver is all that is needed to fix them.

”At our present costing, the signs are $30 each including P&P. For more information, contact Les Buckton, Lions Club of Warkworth, P O Box 71, Warkworth; ph (09) 425 9619, or send Les an email.

A defibrillator is a type of life-saving equipment used when someone experiences a cardiac arrest. It delivers a short, powerful electric shock to the heart, helping it to regain its natural rhythm. They are designed to operate with automated “talking” instructions to help the user. Many Lions Clubs around the country have contributed to the provision of defibrillators in their communities.

Photo: Lions Les Buckton (left) and Lyn Jones erecting one of the signs.                                                                      





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