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Healthy collaboration by Kaikoura Lions helps hospital funding

Monday 30th November -0001

When the Kaikoura Lions Club first heard of the funding shortfall for the new Kaikoura Hospital, they  decided the project was too big for one club to handle, and so combined with Kaikoura Seaward Lions club under the one name ‘LIONS’ to raise $100,000.

The District Health Board had funded $10 million for the hospital but the community had to raise the remaining three and a half million dollars. A meeting of the two boards of directors, with the fundraising committee of the hospital resulted in the exchange of numerous ideas about what the Lions could fund, but in the end it was decided to leave it to the hospital committee to decide where the money should be spent.

Then followed all sorts of fundraising, including a scrap metal drive and pig manure sales.  Seaward club ran great entertaining nights such as Trash Fashion and Lip Sync. When possible we collected   “overseas funds” meaning out-of-town money,  as our community was already giving in so many ways  and ready to back us at all times.

All this was going on while we still managed to perform our usual Lions service and donations.  Although the clubs have always worked well together, both the women’s club and the men’s club agree this project has bought them closer together.

“It has been a great team effort,” says Kathy O’loughlin, president of Seaward Lions.

“Another example of what Lions have been doing for Kaikoura over the last 50 years of serving our communities”, said Vern McAllister, president of the Kaikoura Lions Club.

Photo:  Kathy O’loughlan, Joe Van Rooyen, chairman of the Fundraising Committee, trust treasurer  Wendy Campbell and Vern McAllister.


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