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Generous donation to aid cancer research – gift marks Christchurch Host Lions’ 50 years of service

Thursday 13th October 2011

A special liquid nitrogen freezer that can store tissue samples at minus 80 degrees Celsius has been funded by the Christchurch Host Lions Club to assist with the research being carried out by Professor Bridget Robinson and her team to reduce the impact of cancer in the community.

The Club has provided $55,000 to assist in the purchase of a second freezer and some operating expenses that will enable expansion of the Cancer Society Tissue Bank, which collects tissue samples from people being treated for cancer and makes these available for scientists around the country to undertake research.

Part of the funding is disbursement of an estate left to Lions by a former member, Les Burt. Investments of that fund have previously generated $36,000 of grants, but this grant, supplemented by funding from the Lion’s Lloyd Morgan Charitable Trust and additional fundraising, is the largest single grant from the Club in recent years.

Finding ways to support local charities that in turn benefit others in the community has been a proud tradition of the Host club in its more than 50 years of service to Christchurch.

Club President Bill McDonald, in presenting the cheque to Professor Robinson, said the Christchurch Host Lions Club is proud of the research she leads in Canterbury and values the opportunity to provide additional capital and on-going operational expenses.

Lions maintain a strong interest in the welfare of communities including medical support and especially research, which will bring ongoing benefits.


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