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Edgecumbe Lions open perfect picnic spot

Monday 30th November -0001

A new project from the Edgecumbe Lions Club has seen a scrubby patch of road reserve alongside Mangaone Stream transformed into an attractive picnic spot and watering hole. It is located on Braemar Road, 700 metres from the popular Onepu Community Park.

The planning, work and labour was provided by the Lions club while Whakatane District Council, as the landowner, provided the road, rails and installed a culvert. Funding was provided through Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s environmental enhancement fund.

The project came together under the guidance of team leader John Needham and a lot of hard work clearing scrub, landscaping and planting. The new site has attractive landscaped areas, two picnic tables and a clear swimming hole in the Mangaone Stream.

Edgecumbe Lion Bill Clark said he was proud of the new Mangaone Stream Reserve and looked forward to seeing visitors make use of the new facility.

“It really is a shining example of what can be achieved when councils work alongside service clubs and volunteer groups to achieve a great outcome for a low cost. This spot was just a scrubby, neglected and weed-infested slice of road reserve with no great value to anyone.

“But it is now landscaped and planted with more than 500 native plants, has flat areas for overnight camping and picnicking and, of course, the clear Mangaone Stream for those brave enough to take a dip in the cold waters,” he said.

“We have been very pleased to be able to get New Zealand Motor Homes involved and offer this as a spot for motor homes to park overnight and enjoy this slice of the Eastern Bay of Plenty.”


Photo: The Mangaone Stream Reserve now contains a picnic and camping area, thanks to Edgecumbe Lions Bill Clark, Jim Roberts, John Needham and Chris Jones, and Sid Tunnicliffe, of the New Zealand Motor Homes Association.


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