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Crimestoppers a worthy cause

Monday 30th November -0001

Crimestoppers is an independent charity that helps New Zealanders to fight crime by providing an anonymous and simple way to pass on information to the authorities. It was established in New Zealand in October, 2009 with assistance from its sister organisation, Crimestoppers UK.

“We aim to reduce victimisation and prevent and solve crime. Working together we can make it harder for criminals to operate and less likely that people in our community will become victims of crime.”

Recently the Lions Club of Mana had Crimestoppers chairman John Perham talk to the members about Crimestoppers.

“I have to report that John give us a very good talk and answered many questions following his address,” said Lion Raey Butterworth. “He is a very good speaker and there were plenty of complimentary  remarks from everyone at the end of our meeting.”

Crimestoppers is now set to be the first recipient of a new charitable venture – Shares for Good. Small parcels of shares are often ignored by investors, providing little more than an administrative headache or extra lines in a tax return.

Shares for Good, which launches 1 March 2014, seeks to turn these neglected parcels into a force for the community by providing a cheap and convenient way for investors to dispose of these parcels and donate the proceeds to a selected charity.

Statistics from Computershare and Link Market Services show there are more than 135,000 share parcels in New Zealand with a value less than $500. Imagine the power these shares could have when combined - collectively the sum would make a real difference to New Zealand charities.

Shares for Good has been established to provide a charitable home for unwanted shares and a place for those wanting to donate shares to benefit charities in New Zealand. Shares for Good is a pro-bono collaboration between JBWere, NZX, Computershare and Link Market Services. 100% of proceeds from donations go directly to the recipient charity.

If you are a shareholder and you wish to donate, simply go to and complete the donation form. The form represents an authorisation to sell the shares and direct the sale proceeds to Shares for Good. Shares for Good facilitates the execution of the sales via JBWere (NZ) Pty Ltd who transacts on our behalf free of brokerage. Donated shares are 100% tax deductible - so request a receipt when you donate.

Or if your Lions Club would like to hear more about Crimestoppers, contact Crimestoppers CEO Jude Mannion on 0800 555 111.


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