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Conventioneers to the rescue of helicopter service

Monday 30th November -0001

On behalf of the members of the Lioness Club of Nelson, New Zealand, I wish to submit the following article for consideration to include in the next publication.  I include two photos - one of Hilda and her rescuers; the other of the formal donation to Ernie from Nelson Marlborough Helicopter Rescue Service.
The warning signs were out. The local community bill boards were advising locals to lock up their zebras as the Lions were on the prowl.

The Golden Bay Lions Club recently hosted the 2014 Lions District 202E convention. Lions and Lionesses attended an action packed weekend, which included the usual Saturday night social knees up. Attendees dressed appropriately to the theme of "over the Hill" and one club, the Lioness Club of Nelson came up with a unique fundraising idea. The group of three Lionesses, one dressed as a distressed "Hilda Ogden" who was rescued by two very charming helicopter rescue volunteers, challenged themselves to raise at least $100 towards the Nelson Marlborough Helicopter Rescue Service that is frequently called upon to rescue lost or injured trampers, stuck cavers and much more.

A walk around the room of approximately 170 Lions and Lionesses resulted in an initial $200. Next came the tailtwisting event where many Lions roared as their tales of woe were told and their hard-earned dollars wrung from their wallets to add a further $180 to the total.

"Not enough" roared Zone 2 Chairman Earl Troughton from the Richmonds Lions Club, as he proceeded to round up his fellow pride members and with his trusty cap, captured another $320.

To the utter amazement of president Tracy Henderson and Lionesses Donna Smith and Jillian Jary, a total of $720 was raised via this unorthodox "whip round". The support for the Helicopter Rescue Service from all the attendees was amazing and everyone attending recognised the importance of the work these volunteers and staff provide to residents and visitors from all over the country to any area of New Zealand.

Photo above right: "Hilda Ogden" aka Jillian Jary with 'rescuers' Donna Smith and Tracey Henderson.

Photo above left: The girls donate their "well-gotten" gains to Ernie from Nelson Marlborough Helicopter Rescue Service.


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