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Care bears to comfort children

Monday 12th August 2013

Tauranga City Sunrise Lion Pam Hawkins is bringing great comfort and joy to children coming to Auckland Hospital from Starship Hospital for complex surgical procedures.

Pam knits and crochets teddy bears (and other toys) on a regular basis, whipping up a couple of toys an evening as she watches the telly. Play specialists at the hospital provided some of the teddies to the pre-operative area and pre-op nurse Felicia September says the bears bring so much joy and add a positive feeling to what can be a sad environment.

“Your work is amazing and I want to say thank you for bringing some sunshine into the lives of our patients,” she said.

Felicia’s response prompted Pam to discuss the donation with fellow club members at a breakfast meeting. Members really believed in the cause and agreed to fund $100 worth of wool so Pam can keep her needles and crochet hook flying. As well, 1st VP Graeme Philp offered to use his Fastway Couriers connection to get boxes of teddies to Felicia whenever required.

“This is really fantastic,” Felicia wrote when she heard the news. “You will never know what difference it makes. This morning we had two kids from Starship, one for neurosurgery, the other with bone cancer. I let them both choose bears. The way they held onto them breaks my heart.

“I am so grateful for the generosity of the Tauranga Sunrise Lions Club. I have written to our Nova magazine as well, to ask them to run an article regarding your big hearts. Everyone needs to know about your great work and commitment. Pam, thank you for everything. Words cannot adequately describe my appreciation.”



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