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Award tops off a terrific team effort - recycling reaps rewards

“What a team we are,” says Kowhai Coast Lion Alwyn Hill.

“We put an entry into the Warkworth Wellsford Hospice Catwalk Arts Competition and won the Recycled Section. Guess what we used? Why, wine bottle tops and can tabs of course. And ‘peggy squares’ we use to make blankets with. The entry was called “Waste Not, Wine Not.”

“A number of club members got together in Lion Lois’s workroom where we spent about 140 hours sorting bottle tops and tabs, threading them on to tapes, sewing squares together, making all sorts of bits and pieces out of all sorts of recycled stuff. We talked a lot as we worked and the end result was worth it.

“The whole costume just evolved; it changed a bit every week. We added accessories - bracelet, necklace, gorgeous hat, a set of opera glasses made from can tabs (by our Clive) a handbag, earrings, shoe decorations and a ring.

“It was pretty heavy by the time it was all stitched together. We used about 3,000 bottle tops.  We have been collecting the tops and tabs for some time now and have sent away 257 kilos of them, but kept some back for the costume. And the good thing is we will recycle it all when the costume is finished with.

“The skirt really twirled when our models, June and Rosalie spun around and showed it off to its best. It was a great effort by all concerned; so many club members had a part in it and many others went to the show to see it paraded.

“It is being shown at several businesses round the area so the people that collect for us can see what we did with some of them.  We had a lot of fun making the outfit; the input from the club members was great and the whole project was most enjoyable. We even won $100 and a wall plaque as the prize for the Recycled Section.

“It was also shown to good effect at our Pot Luck Dinner for the visiting Australian Chittaway Bay Lions Club with a challenge issued to them to see what they could do. It is amazing the uses you can find for our most popular collectible items, wine bottle tops and can tabs.

“This was our first entry in the competition and we will be looking forward to the next one. $27,000 was raised towards the work of Warkworth Wellsford Hospice.”






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