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Another hoax email targets Lions - ignore and delete 'sob stories' like this

Again, some Lions have been the target of email hackers who manage to get into their address books and send out spam emails like the following one.

Subject: Sorrowful Trip(I need your help).(Lion's actual name)

I'm writing with tears to let you know that I am stuck in Manila Philippines with my family, Philippines has been a mess We got mugged last night at gun point and lost all cash,credit card and cell phone. It has been a scary experience,Thank God we still got our life and passport saved here with us.

 Our return fight leaves in some hours time from now but we are having problems settling our hotel bills, We need you to loan us some money, I'll refund it back to you as soon as we arrive back home, all we need is ($2,500) Kindly let me know if you can be of help so that i can tell you how to wire the money to me via western union.

 Awaiting your positive response.

(Lion's actual name)

It is important not to respond to hoax emails like this, so delete immediately. Do not reply to the email. If you do feel concerned for the person supposedly sending the message to you, telephone them. But first, ask yourself "Would that person really email me asking for money?"


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