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Lions in partnership

The Lions Club of Carterton and Carterton Central Lions have worked together at the Parliamentary Sports Fundraiser to raise funds for the Grace Yeats Trust. Grace was admitted to Starship Children's Hospital last year after being suddenly struck down by severe basal ganglia necrosis. She was transferred to Masterton Hospital this year so she could be closer to family and their support network.

Grace is one of only 13 people worldwide to be diagnosed with the disease. Once a healthy young girl, she now suffers from muscle contractions, scoliosis and seizures. She is unable to move freely, speak or swallow. It is hoped Grace will be able to return home but before that can happen, the family home requires significant alterations to deal with her special needs.

To help raise funds, the Parliamentary Netball Team played a Carterton selection at the Columbo Rd courts. Carterton were the victors in that game. The Parliamentary Rugby Team then did battle with a Play for Grace Invitation XV - featuring former All Blacks, Heartland players and even Grace’s brothers took to the field at times. The Play for Grace Invitation XV won 19-6.

Carterton Central Lions Club president Marleen Reid  said the club was very proud to be out with buckets at the netball and rugby, collecting for the Trust. “The generosity of the public was outstanding,” Marleen said. “Many $50 notes were pushed into the buckets over the day and evening.”

The Lions Club of Carterton’s food caravan was there selling their tasty hotdogs, chips and drinks. Lion Paul Reid (Food Caravan Director) was very happy to donate their profit to the Grace Yeats Trust.

"Grace's story and the work of the Trust in our local area had been widely publicised,” president Ian Reid said. “The Parliamentary Sports Fundraiser gave us our chance to support this amazing young girl who has been fighting so hard.”

The rugby game was followed by an auction and a meal at the Carterton Rugby Club. Over $16,000 was raised for the Trust.

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