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We've Partnered with Neighbourly!


Your Lions Club, and Neighbourly.

We've been working on getting some great, useful, community partnerships with local organisations that can help your Lions Club communicate with your local community easily, and effectively.

Your Lions Club will have its very own "Club Page" where you can post updates about what you are doing in your community, run community surveys to find out what projects are important to them, and share photos and events to help engage your local community with the things your club is doing.

Each time you post an update, it will send it to every registered household in your local area, just like posting something in their mailbox, but online, and for FREE!

So, What is Neighbourly?

Neighbourly allows you to stay connected with your neighbours and community using a private neighbourhood website. It's a free service that is designed to make your neighbourhood a safer and better place to live.

Members of Neighbourly use the website to interact on topics such as local events, after-school activities, crime and safety, council issues, local services or even lost pets.

Neighbourly also offers a crime prevention service for members of its communities. Members are kept informed of any suspicious activity and can also inform each other instantly of any urgent crime or safety updates via SMS text message.

Once you have signed up as a member with Neighbourly you can do things like:

  • Plan a street party
  • Alert your community to a spate of vehicle break-ins
  • Share a photo of a visiting dog to locate owner
  • Discuss what impact Local Council plans will have on the neighbourhood
  • Recommend a trustworthy local mechanic
  • Ask when the roadworks down by the local park will be complete
  • Grab the contact details of a good local babysitter
  • Find out which cafe in the area has the best Eggs Benedict
  • Share sporting cancellations and updates
  • Sell an unused sofa
  • Let neighbours know mail has been stolen
  • Ask if anyone can loan a ladder for an hour
  • Organise a neighbourhood watch group
  • Ask for times of the walking school bus
  • Discuss local charities and how to get involved

Is My Club on Neighbourly Yet?

Getting your Lions Club Page set up on Neighbourly is being taken care of by Lions Clubs Multiple District for you in conjunction with the Neighbourly Community Support Team.

117 Clubs have had a Club Page created for them. Due to how Neighbourly works, by connecting your club with your local community, it will take us some time to install every single club on the website, and Neighbourly Mobile Apps.

Once your Club Page is set up, your Club Secretary will be notified and be asked to provide Lions Clubs Multiple District with a dedicated person to add to your Club Page to manage it.


Can We Just Create Our Own Club Page?

No, please let us do it for you.

Our Partnership with Neighbourly, and the way we have set up the Lions Clubs Network with them is crucial to letting the Neighbourly Team Set up your Club Page for you.

All Lions Clubs are being connected together in the backend of Neighbourly's system, to help us form a strong connection on the Neighbourly Website and Apps which allow us to communicate to everyone that uses their website.

If you create your own Neighbourly Page, you could potentially break that chain causing the connection between all Lions Clubs to be compromised. 

If you'd like to know more, you can email for more information.

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