Why Join Lions

If you are a person who wants to give back to your community you are not alone. As a society New Zealand is not mean-spirited. Each year around a million Kiwis participate in voluntary work of one kind or another, averaging over five hours a week.

Statistics New Zealand estimates non-profit institutions and volunteers contribute a massive $7 billion to the New Zealand economy and our Government encourages and supports this commitment.

In the past Prime Ministers Jack Marshall and Norman Kirk, Mayors Sir Dove Meyer Robinson, Sir Clifford Skeggs, philanthropist Sir Robert Kerridge and the incomparable Sir Edmund Hillary have all been active Lions. Increasingly young people aged 12 to 14 are joining Leos (Junior Lions) and are learning about what it is to be a volunteer and the pleasure of giving.

You too can become part of the strong surge of interest to contribute positively to your community and join a Lions Club near you.





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