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Who are Lions

Who are Lions

Lions are ordinary men, women and young people from all walks of life who bridge religious, political, economic and social boundaries. They are united in their desire to make a difference by contributing their personal time and talents to help other people. Their motto is “We Serve”.

In New Zealand 10,600 members belong to 389 clubs in seven Districts. They are part of a worldwide network of 1.35 million Lions in 46,392 clubs in over 200 countries or regions.

They are community volunteers who roll up their sleeves to help young people, elderly, the ailing, the needy and their environment. In terms of their time on projects and money raised, it is estimated Lions contribute more than $100 million each year for charitable organisations here and in the Pacific.

The prestigious Financial Times in Britain voted Lions the world’s best “Non-Government Organisation” to work with. Lions have worked in partnership with the United Nations on various humanitarian projects since it was formed after the Second World War.

Who are Lions

(Who are Lions)

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