We are ready for the Steptoe Auction!!

by Margaret Gunter | 
Tuesday 26th July 2016

We are Bursting at the Seams!!!!   THANK YOU!!!!

Photo per courtesy of Chris Steele,  Editor Katikati Advertiser.

The containers where we store our items collected from the very generous community here in Katikati are FULL to overflowing!    So much so that we have had to cancel at least one of the drop-off Open Days when people could bring their items along to us to be sold at the upcoming Auction and Garage Sale on Saturday 30th July.

Shown here Lions Margaret Gill,  Alan Hay and Harry Gill showing off the interior of one of the containers (we have 6 of them!).

Many thanks to the generous people of Katikati!! 

This means our 30th July Steptoe Auction and Garage Sale will be a good one!!





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