Two new Financial Grants for 2016

by Secretary Graeme Hathaway | 
Sunday 14th February 2016

At the February 2016 Board Meeting two new grants were approved by the board and recommended for payment to the Trustees.

One to the Hinds School reimbursed the school for the cost of specialised Swimming Lessons for Term 4 pupils at the Ashburton EA Networks Sports Centre. The amount granted was $1,178.00

The second was to the Hinds Golden Oldies Hockey Tournament organisors to assist them with holding the May 2016 South Island Golden Oldies Hockey Tournament. Funds gifted of $650 will be put towards the BBQ event to be held at the Hinds Domain on the Saturday evening. Hinds Lions members will also assist the organisors by providing manpwer to put up marques, seating, etc and to clear the site at the completion of the tournament. Approximately 320 will attend the weekend long tournament. 

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