Submit Reports

M&A Reports

Monthly Membership Report (MMR)

MMRs are required to be submitted in the correct month. You need to submit your MMR through the International Lions website. Click the link above to go to the login page.

PU101 Reports

Electronic Reporting PU101

 Before beginning to file your report you need to make sure the information is correct for the members you are going to add as Officers of your Club for the next Lions year.

To do this follow these steps.

 Click here to go direct to the Lions International website

Put in your Membership Number and Password and click GO - (Welcome... Page)

Click My Lions Club (top on gold)

Click Members

Find the member and then click EDIT Member to the right of their name to change/update information.

Make sure all data is correct because this is the information that will be sent with the PU101 including name, address, phone number/s, email, and spouse.

If they are an office bearer and your Club has a P O Box, you will need to enter the P O Box number as the officer correspondence address against all of them.

You should check on all the members, but the important ones for the purpose of the PU101 are the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chairman.

NOW - To file your PU101 please follow these step by step instructions.

1. Click My Lions Club.

2. Click Officers – this will show the officers for the year 2014–2015.

3. Click Select Term and then click Next Year.

4. Select a position and click Add Officer.

5. Check the Fiscal Years says 2015–2016.

6. Click Select Member, scroll through the list to the appropriate member's name and click on it. 

7. Then Click Save.

8. Then Go back to Officers and repeat steps 4–7 until all positions have been completed.

Repeat the steps 4 - 8 for the Secretary, Treasurer & Membership Chairman and your filing is complete.

To check, run a report. Go to My Lions Club.

Click Reports

Click Lions Clubs Officer Report for Current year (to check you haven't replaced the current officers with next year's) then click View/Print.

ClickLions Clubs Officer Report for Next Year (to check you have entered all the positions), then click View/Print.

These need to be in by the 20th of April.

The District Governor Elect, or their delegate, will be contacting all Clubs after 20th April to chase up any missing data. The four positions they are interested in are President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chairman.








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