Global Leadership Team

Members of the GMT and GLT work together to identify, develop and encourage opportunities for present and future Lions leaders, and to develop membership through service and engagement.

The Global Leadership Team (GLT) provides for an enhanced focus on leadership development, which is critical to the future vitality of our association. The GLT directs its efforts toward identifying and cultivating effective leaders through active training and leadership development initiatives, while providing necessary information, guidance and motivation.

GLT Structure
The GLT structure encompasses representation at the international, multiple district, single district and district levels and includes district governor teams, providing a comprehensive global platform for developing more qualified leaders from the club level up, while encouraging regional training and development approaches to address local needs. 

Operating as an action-oriented, parallel, mutually supportive team with the GMT, the GLT was developed to augment the local efforts of our DG Teams. By integrating the efforts of the GLT, the GMT and our DG Teams, we will be better able to address regional growth and development needs, while building our membership base, improving club health, and enhancing the quality of our leadership at all levels of the association.


GLT International Co-ordinator

PID Cliff Heywood

Tel 07 863 8061

Mob (021) 865 045,

Email Cliff

GLT  Leader

Constitutional Area 7 

PID Sheryl Jensen
25 Devoy Drive
Rotorua 3010
Tel (07) 345 8696
Mob (027) 457 0496
Email Sheryl

GLT MD 202

Area Leader

PDG Richard Norris
94 Burwood Road
Matamata 3400
Tel (07) 888 9222
Mob (027) 472 0040
Email Richard







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