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The project is back!!!

In October 2012, Lions Clubs and others from throughout New Zealand should have received a letter from Executive Officer David Dawick about the Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids Project. 

Consequently, the Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids Project can get back on track.

"It has been too long," said President Terry Hemmingsen of the Ruapehu Lions Club. "The collection of aluminium kan tabs and the screw caps off the wine bottles has fallen away. Not completely, but volumes are down on what we were getting previously. We want to change all of that and get to a point where we are collecting more than we have ever done before. There are kids out there in towns, villages and cities right across our country who have lost out over the last couple of years. We have to change that and return to our motto "We Serve."

Lion Terry is working with Kidney Kids of New Zealand (KKNZ) to complete a Memorandum of Understanding that clearly sets out the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the project. Once that is completed, the information will be circulated to all Lions clubs by the Ruapehu Lions Club.

In the meantime, the Ruapehu Lions Club asks that all the 4-litre paint cans be put back into service and back into work as soon as possible.

"We need to start building up our stockpiles of tabs and tops so that we can once again find the funds to help children with chronic kidney disease," said Lion Terry. "Will you help us to do that?"

Please Send a Message to PDG Terry Hemmingsen for any further information or support.






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