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Members Area

Members Area | 202M | Zone 6 | Mana

Ron Wezenbeek, John Coey, Robert Reilly, Michael George, Lloyd Fox, David Skjellerup, John Wilson, Wayne Bruce, Lester Piggott, Euan Thomson, Stu Bryant, Bruce Collins

The officers for the 2016/17 year  inducted  on 28 June 2016 are:

Position Person
President Ron Wezenbeek
1st VP Lloyd Fox
2nd VP David Sjkellerup
3rd VP Wayne Bruce
Secretary Robert Reilly
Treasurer Michael George
Membership Director John Wilson
Programme Director Euan Thomson
Projects Director Lester Piggott
Welfare Director Wayne Bruce
Tail Twister Stu Bryant
Lion Tamer Bruce Collins
IPP John Coey


Who are we?

  • We are a group of men from diverse backgrounds living in the Porirua suburbs  including Aotea, Camborne, Elsdon, Mana,  Papakowhai, Plimmerton,  Pukerua Bay, Titahi Bay and Whitby.

  • We meet on the second and fourth Wednesday each month for a meal at the Mana Cruising Club. Each alternate meeting we have a speaker and 3 or 4 times a year we have  a Ladies evening when we are joined by our partners.

  • We raise funds for local charitable projects and provide assistance to the blind, people who are ill and youth in our community. Our main fund raising activities are our annual Golf tournament and the Eat Drink and be Crafty Fair.

  • Our members have a wide range of interests and the club is organised to suit the members. There is no pressure to be involved in specific activities.

  • For more information about the club see



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