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Members Area

Members Area | 202M | Zone 6 | Karori

Welcome to Karori Lions Club.

Karori is a suburb of Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, located at the lower end of the North Island. Karori Lions Club has served the local community since 1969


Lions Clubs have been in existance since 1917 providing humanitarian and community service. Contact us if you are interested in what we do.

To read how you can contribute to the Karori community, visit here...


Heads Up for Kids 

Karori Update

During the last 6 months we have collected 4.12 Kilos of foreign money plus $204.61 of old coins. We have also banked directly into the account $100.00 of current notes and coins. These amounts are slightly up on most previous updates so thank you Karori.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~An International Project~~~~~~~~~~

LEAP - Lions Empowering Albinos Programme

Lion Geoff Walker of Greytown Lions – New Zealand 202M and Gulu Lions Club – Uganda 411B, is being very active in seeking support for Children in the Acholi North, Uganda with the new LEAP programme which is aimed at the Albino population who are hidden away from the real world for no other reason than being a white colour amongst a black coloured race.

Karori Lions Club has committed to supporting one of the children financially which will assist with her optical, medical and education costs


Recycle for sight. Karori Lions takes your old discarded spectacles and sun glasses and has them reconditioned for those who need them - Special Olympians, Pacific Islands etc. Jennie went to Fiji with the clinical group this year and assisted in distributing glasses and sunglasses to those who required them.


The list of drop off places in Wellington:...
Karori Visique Optometrists                 262 Karori Road
Thorndon New World                           Murphy Street  -   Box on right by exit door
Johnsonville Spec Savers                    Johnsonville Mall
Lower Hutt Spec Savers                      Westfield Queensgate Plaza  - 1st floor
Lower Hutt Black Gates Meek Optometrists             Andrew Ave
Wainuiomata Visique Optometrists      Wainuiomata Mall
Petone Visique Optometrists               245 Jackson Street
City Spec Savers                                 168 Lambton Quay
City McClellan & Grimmer                   131 Featherston Street
City Visique Optometrists                    Rock Shop Plaza Manners Mall
City Wellington City New World          Wakefield Street   - box by exit door

To see what Karori Lions have achieved since 1969 visit our History site.

Visiting Lions: Please email our Programme & Social Director - Victor Diem


Visit and join us on Facebook

Members who are unable to attend regular meetings or who wish to bring a guest should advise Vaughan  by 8pm on the Sunday before the meeting.


Postal Address

P.O. Box 17-103 Wellington

Meeting Times

WE,2,4,6:30PM, Karori Park Sports Club, 400 Karori Road, Karori, WELLINGTON

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