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Members Area

Members Area | 202M | Zone 6 | Johnsonville

Who we are 

  • We are a group of men and women from diverse backgrounds living in the Northern Suburbs and nearby communities including Johnsonville, Churton Park, Khandallah, Ngaio, Newlands, and Woodridge.

  • We enjoy the fellowship of people interested in serving others.

What we do

  • We enjoy ourselves
  • We carry out ‘hands-on’ projects in our community and with other Lions Clubs.
  • We raise funds for, and give physical assistance to, charitable projects.
  • We organise community events to improve our sense of community.
  • We assist the blind, the elderly and our youth.
  • We assist in times of emergency.
  • We visit other clubs, have social outings.

What we volunteer

  • We share an evening meal and meeting on alternate Mondays twice a month, while hearing interesting guest speakers.
  • We become involved on a committee to help organize the activities of the Club.
  • We work on projects as our home and work commitments allow.

When we meet

  • We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month for a dinner meeting.
  • At the Johnsonville Club, situated at the top of Norman Lane, Johnsonville
  • Commencing 6 pm for friendship, a meal at 6.30 followed by a guest speaker, then some general business, closing soon after 8 pm.
  • Committees meet for about an hour once a month immediately after a Club meeting to plan Club activities.
  • A few times each year we have a social evening at the movies, or a café, or 10 pin bowling etc.

What it costs

  • Membership of most organisations has a cost.
  • Currently our annual dues are about the equivalent of a cup of coffee a week.
  • And there is an optional reasonably priced meal at each Club meeting attended.
  • Lions are proud of the fact that all funds raised in the community are returned to the community.
  • We do have some activities that raise funds for administration purposes and help reduce our costs.

What we get in return

  • The close friendship of club members and their families.
  • The ability to assist those less fortunate than yourself.
  • The satisfaction of being able to achieve service we could not achieve on our own.
  • Fun and enjoyment from meeting and working alongside like-minded people.
  • A range of low cost self development opportunities.
  • As with any organisation, the friendships, satisfaction and self development do depend on the amount we are prepared to be involved.

If you wish to know more please contact our Membership Chairman Stephen 972 2036 or send a message






Postal Address

P.O. Box 13-123 Johnsonville

Meeting Times

MO,1,3,6:00PM, Johnsonville Club Inc., 1 Norman Lane, Johnsonville, WELLINGTON

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