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Members Area | 202M | Zone 3 | Woodville

Totally dedicated to delivery of quality projects that go a long way to make our Southern Tararua community an even better place to live, laugh, love and raise a family. And this year we mark fifty years since our club was chartered.

Our organising committee is keen to hear from any former members, and their spouses, whom might like to join together with us in a time of celebration of all Woodville Lions Club has meant to all those who have enjoyed being part of its story, and part of the community it serves. More information will be posted on our website, on our Facebook page, and posted to those we have contact details of directly, in the near future. Anyone with connection is welcome; enquiries are being received by President Peter Bonser.Peter can be contacted on 06 376 4073, mail to 116 Grey Street, Woodville4920, or by emailing him at We look forward to hearing from you.

Woodville Lions are very proud of the events we have developed and delivered for mmore than two decades now. Here, the end of another great day, as riders and entrants in our great annual Woodville Lions / Suzuki Coast2Coast motorcycle run gather at the Akitio community club, a superb setting for conclusion of another fabulous day on the road.

This event, and our equally well-supported absolutely unique 8km 'Track and Tunnel' walk through Manawatu's scenic gem, Te Apiti/Manawatu Gorge via its usually inaccessible rail corridor, represent our two flagship projects.


Some of the fifteen hundred hikers preparing to head off on this year's Track and Tunnel adventure along the Wellington-Napier rail corridor, through Te Apiti / Manawatu Gorge.

Quite possibly one of the most remarkable and safe walking trek adventures on offer in our country, Woodville Lions' annual Te Apiti Manawatu Gorge Track and Tunnel walk places trekkers firmly in the midst of some majestic landscape. Here hikers are seen  passing the 'Niagara' section, approximately half-way along the rail corridor through the gorge.

Woodville Lions are proud to be a vibrant and welcoming group in the community 'we serve'. Enquiries welcomed. 

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P.O. Box 54 Woodville

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