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Napier Host Lions help bone trauma ward  


   In view of the fact that analogue televisions have now been discontinued,      a very timely presentation of three digital sets was made by Napier Host Lions to Ward 3B at Hawke’s Bay Hospital on Thursday, 9th September.

   John Robertson, a Past President of Napier Host Lions, recently had an extended stay in ward 3B which specialises in joint replacements, hip fractures and other orthopaedic care. During his stay, John was given the use of the only television set on the ward. On the evening of the All Blacks versus Argentina match, his room quickly became crowded with cheering patients, as well as an occasional nurse who would pop in for a quick look and vitals check. 

   Clinical Nurse Manager, Bernie Fail, said “Ward 3B is extremely grateful for this donation and we are looking forward to getting the television sets installed for our patients - particularly those who are in isolation, keeping them in touch with what’s happening, but also those who don’t get many visitors.” 


Patient Poppy Maere, ex-patient John Robertson and Associate Clinical Nurse Manager Trish Wiggins




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