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Members Area | 202L | Zone 8 - Chairman - Alan Hay - email - | Katikati

OUR ANNUAL STEPTOE Garage Sale and Auction

has come and gone, on a rather blustery on Saturday!   We are thankful the rain held off - just long enough!   See report on our NEWS page.  

Here are just a couple of photos:

Our Auctioneer in action!












Two of our stalwart Lions, Don Hoeseason and Margaret Gill are all set to sell!  









Our July Dinner Meeting was a spectacular night for two reasons - one was the addition of four new members,  and the Sky City Casino Night added a touch of excitement as well!


Four new Lions were inducted by PDG Sara Patrick at the July Dinner Meeting of the Lions Club of Katikati.   Our membership now numbers more than 70.

Our new Lions and their sponsors.

Some players are pictured below, enjoying the Unders & Overs,  and Crown & Anchor tables.   At the end of the night, we cashed our "winnings" in and received cheques with which to bid for the prizes.   Altogether a great night!

Meanwhile - back in June -

PDG Lion Alan Hay received a well deserved Award at the recent Changeover Night.

Congratulations to Alan Hay recently received a well-deserved Ray Ruane "Quiet Lion" Award at the recent Change of Officers Night.   

The definition of a Quiet Lions is as follows:

Awarded to the Lion judged to be the most active non-office holder in a Lions Club.

  • The Lion who is always present

  • The first to volunteer when help is needed

  • The Lion who does not always look for recognition.

Nominations invited by the District Governor for a worthy recipient.



Mural town of the Bay of Plenty

Katikati is a town with a population of around 4,200, situated approximately a  30 minute drive from Tauranga City.  With people coming from far and wide to enjoy the rural atmosphere and friendly way of life in this flourishing area, Katikati is enjoying a steady rate of growth. 

The newly developed Summerset by the Sea Retirement Village is also bringing with it many new residents to swell the growing population.


The auction room prior to starting the Auction - standing room only!

One of the Lions Club of Katikati’s major fundraisers is the Steptoes Auction and Garage Sale held at the end of July each year.  The picture above shows the Katikati Memorial Hall full of items for auction,  and literally “standing room only”.   All goods were donated by the community and all proceeds are returned locally.

This year the popular event made a profit of around $20,000.

The Lions Club of Katikati has served the community of Katikati and its local rural area for 45 years. It is a very busy Club with many and varied activities and projects,  providing something for everyone in the club to become involved with.   The Lions Motto “We Serve” is very evident in this town,  with the Club enjoying a high profile in the Community.    Projects range from assisting with pest eradication in the Kaimai Forest Park to involvement in the annual Avocado Food & Wine Festival,  and the Annual Steptoe Auction and Garage Sale which are both very popular events.






Each October to commemorate World Service Day,  the Lions Cub of Katikati hosts the Annual Lone Diners Dinner for locals who live alone.  Around 160 people are catered for who enjoy  some form of light entertainment.   (See the EVENTS PAGE for details).


The Lions Club of Katikati has  grown to become one of the largest and strongest Clubs in District 202L.  The Club has three of its original Charter Members still very active and has also developed a very strong women’s membership.   Members partners are recognised and valued for their support and are always welcomed at Club projects and activities, including a strong social programme. 

Membership continues to grow, bringing fresh faces and new ideas to continue to develop new and innovative ways of doing things with and for our community.    Katikati Lions are all justifiably proud of their Club’s accomplishments and are optimistically looking to the future.


The Lions Club of Katikati sponsors Scholarships of $2000 for years 12 and 13 students of Katikati College who are leaving at the end of each year to pursue a Tertiary Education. 

The Lions Motto is "WE SERVE" therefore Service to the Community is an important part of the application criteria.




Postal Address

P.O. Box 100 Katikati

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