Hamilton St Andrews

Welcome To Prospective Members


What do Lions do?

Simply help people in various ways. These include: -

  • Assisting organisations with their annual appeals,
  • Raising funds for various charities and individuals on a case by case basis,
  • Assisting organisations with the running of events and
  • Supporting those less fortunate than ourselves, locally, nationally and internationally
  • Fostering a spirit of understanding among peoples of differing ages, ethnicity and background.

What can Lions do for me?

Being a Lion gives you the opportunity to: -

Change things – as many acting together can achieve what you alone could not,

Meet people – with similar interests, but from wide and varied backgrounds,

Networking – through mixing with lions from your own and other clubs, many business opportunities may arise,

Personal Development – by voluntary leadership training through various programmes developed for members, and participation in executive positions within your club or district,

Travel contacts – you are always made welcome by fellow Lions around the world.

What does it cost to be a Lion?

Our subscription is currently $60.00 per six months, plus the cost of your meal when attending the monthly meeting.

How much time does it take in being a Lion?

As much as you want – a minimum expectation is to attend regular monthly meetings and to participate in whatever projects you can. Our rule is that your family and job comes first, then any time you can find for Lions.

Who can I Talk to?

Our Club President - Andrew  at 07 8536232

Our Club Secretary - Bill at 07 8540330

Postal Address

P.O. Box 10-239 Te Rapa, Hamilton

Meeting Times

6.00pm , Wednesday , 1st F'ship /3rd Bus
Te Rapa Racecource, Garnett Ave, Hamilton


Club President:
Raymond Hancox
Phone: 07 8494136
Send Email Club Secretary:
Derek Hosie
Send Email Club Treasurer:
Barry Gilling
Phone: 64 7 8499093
Send Email Club Membership Chairperson:
Amanda Wild
Phone: 07 8498109





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