In September 1965, a group of Whitanga residents came together to form the Whitianga Lions Club. Whitianga Lions Club has 25 - 30 members, both men and women, from all sctors of society. We come together to work together simply because we know we can achieve more together than we can alone.

Working together is exactly what we are doing right now with our latest project - raisning the money to install an X Ray machine into a purpose built premises right here in Whitianga. We want to make it possible for our local doctors to X Ray patients here in town. This will avoid the 2 hour round trip that injured patients now endure to Thames Base Hospital to access the nearest X Ray machine!

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Many things have changed in Whitianga since 1965 - more people live in our lovely town, much fancier houses (or holiday homes!), waterway subdivisons and lots more traffic!  However, just like in 1965, the Lions Club continues to provide assistance to those less priviledged as well as striving to make Whitianga and surrounding areas a better place to live.


Postal Address

P.O. Box 157 Whitianga

Meeting Times

Business Meeting
3rd Thursday , 6.00 pm
Mercury Bay Club, 60 Cooks Drive, Whitianga
Dinner Meeting
1st Thursday of each month , 6.00pm
Mercury Bay Club, 60 Cooks Drive, Whitianga


Send Email Club President:
Phone: 64 07 866 2395
Send Email Club Secretary:
Phone: 64 07 866 0919
Send Email Club Treasurer:
Ian Robbie
Phone: 7 8665125
Send Email Club Membership Chairperson:
Phone: 07 866 2219




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