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Members Area | 202K | Zone 6 - West Auckland | Huapai Kumeu

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Lions Clubs International
Lions Clubs International is a secular, non-political service organization founded by Melvin Jones in 1917. As of April 2015, it had over 46,000 clubs and more than 1.4 million members in over 200 countries around the world. 
Founded: June 7, 1917
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Founded 1970
The Lions Club of Huapai-Kumeu was founded in 1970 with 26 Charter Members. Of those 26 members 4 are still serving the club. Yes, 45 years of service-
Graham Andrew  
Brian Keys     
Eric Cole
Colin Leitch
All of these members held the position of President at various times and some more than one term. Our Charter Members are still very active members and as a club we are privileged and fortunate to be in this situation. Graham Andrew and Brian Keys went on to hold Cabinet Office. Our immediate Past President, Roger Davis, is currently our Zone 6 Chairperson. 
         Charter Night - 1 March 1970                                          Drago Stulich at work. Guess when?
The club has a membership of 26 males and although this is a good number we wish to accommodate more members.

The acitivities of the club is supported by our Vintage Shop situated in Access Road, Kumeu. Under our Column, Projects and Initiatives, you can read more about this flagship project running with the support of lady volunteers only - thank you ladies. 

We mainly focus on supporting our community in funding projects on a variety of levels. We do not pre-define and limit any request and club members and committees will evaluate the merit of all cases brought forward.
The Club is not all about work. We have various activities on our social calender, many of these will involve wives and partners. Including, but not limited to, is our Annual Movie Night, Christmas Dinner, Annual BBQ and Ladies Nights. Meetings are held monthly on the first and third Tuesday of which one meeting is a business meeting and the latter meeting will be a social meeting or ladies night. Even the work is done with joy and we do have fun all year round giving back to the community.
The Club has a culture of friendship amongst members and our members are long term and committed in their efforts serving the community.
Projects getting Lions funding can be a defibrillator for the Local Fire Service Station, or we can support The Muriwai Muzzies to visit Anzac Cove. No two projects are the same and the community and individuals should put forward there requests. And yes, some projects are turned down due to merit or due to funding but those are limited and we wish to keep it as such.   

So, to keep ahead of the funding requests we also have a Book Fair in April and September of each year. These Book Fairs are popular and contrary to belief, people are still reading. This is another example where we work not only as a club but as a community. We are dependent on the community to donate books and the club has a core of members and volunteers who then present The Book Fair effectively, every time. 

Sorting books - Colin Leitch in support.             Senior members at work. I know, so much fun!.

Contact us, we will gladly listen -

Do you have a request for funding?.

Do you wish to join our club as a member?.

Do you wish to make a contribution to the community and need our support in doing so?.

Many people contributing are volunteers giving valuable time and are not necessarily members.

Lions greetings.

Postal Address

P.O. Box 41 Kumeu 0841

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